Our school based apprentice Connor Bugeja has successfully completed his first 6 months with Flyon!

Connor Bugeja commenced with Flyon in April this year on a engineering apprenticeship.

“InĀ April 2017 I was fortunate enough to secure a school based engineering apprenticeship with Flyon Helicopters. During the first 6 months I have gained knowledge and understanding on the engine and airframe on the Augusta (AW109’s). These aircraft are twin engine and highly sophisticated. Working on tasks such as main rotor and tail rotor inspections, hydraulic servo inspections and other engine system component inspections have taught me various hands on skills which will stay with me for years to come.

I have been able to study on line and have commenced various courses through Aviation Australia whilst still working towards my high school certificate. This will lead to block training once I have commenced working full time at Flyon.

I really look forward to every day at Flyon and enjoy the responsibility or maintaining aircraft and working alongside experienced engineers”.

Flyon Senior Base Engineer, Shannon Clarke added,

“Connor has already shown great potential and commitment to moving forward with a career in Aviation Engineering”. “We have continue to work closely with Mirani State High School to provide opportunity for local students to experience what a career in aviation can offer”

Flyon will welcome another student on the 30th October who will spend a week with Flyon on a work experience.